Jackie Sports Bra by Porcelynne

Full disclosure... I am not sporty. I don't *need* a sports bra but when I got the opportunity to test a front fastening sports bra I jumped at the chance. Some days I just don't want to wear a normal bra but I can't go braless. Also...front fastening 😁, some days my arthritis prevents me from hooking at the back.

I started by measuring according to the instructions and  came up with a 34I this is not my ready to wear size but having tested other things by Porcelynne I chose to make through without any fittings. And....
It fits "right out of the envelope".  (It's a pdf pattern available to print or project.)

Hampered by 6-7 week old kittens I made some deviations from the pattern but I'm thrilled with how this came out and I will be making more when I've got the right materials. Kits are available from Porcelynne in Florida https://porcelynne.com/sports-bra-kits and B-wear in Sweden https://www.bwear.se/kit/emily-sport-bh-kit.html

https://www.bwear.se/kit/jennifer-sport-bh-kit.html but for testing within the time scales I went with materials I had to hand.

Best laid plans were scuppered by kittens! Who knew that between the start and end of testing they would develop from little things wobbly on their legs to leg climbing, ghost chasing, fabric hunting, elastic hiding bundles of energy? It's a good job they're cute. 

The new pattern will be on sale Monday 22nd until 26th. On the 26th our black friday 25%off sale to all pdf patterns. For cyber monday they will have a free tankini add-on with all sports bra purchases. And finally for Giving Tuesday, 10% off all sales will go to party farms animal rescue. https://instagram.com/partyfarms?utm_medium=copy_link

I planned on a blog to document my journey I've decided to split it into two. This one, a review with links, and a follow up with what I did that's different from the pattern/instructions together with why and how I adapted the pattern to suit my materials. Link to follow.

Jackie Sports Bra

I can't stress how important it is to follow the designer's instructions when choosing you pattern. Every designer has their own unique way of measuring, grading and naming their pattern sizes. In the interests of continuity Porcelynne patterns are sized with 2"added to your underbust measurement to determine your band size. A 34"pattern fits a 32" underbust. There is a chart to determine your bra size. Measure carefully over a well fitting bra.

This bra fit beautifully with no alterations to the cutting or making up instructions. I wore it comfirllortably all day and felt perfectly supported. My only criticism is I had little separation but it's a sports bra, it's unwired and it relies on the stretch of the fabric for lift and support. I have no complaints about the lift. And for relatively large cup size in a sports bra that's definitely a good thing.

The pattern has very clear, step by step instructions that are supplemented with videos on how to put the bra together. It was my intentiin to watch them but... Kittens.. and they are time stealers.

The straps have a unigue method for adjustment, the pattern recommends using cut and sew bra foam for their construction . This needs larger rings than I had available. I also had to adapt the front attachment, it's not quite right, I will modify what I've done.
The staps are considerably wider than ordinary bras and the foam padding will make them even more comfortable if doing exercise.

The pattern needs some experience, the hook and eye support and zip closure are not beginner level, however the bra can be made without closures as a pull over the head bra making it much less fiddly. The final result is worth the effort.

The Porcelynne sports bra patterns can be mixed and matched ie you can use the Christina or Laurel backs if you prefer and there is the Emily tankini add on if you want more of a top less of a bra. 

To be continued...

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